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Life Drawing Music

Playing live at The Horse and Groom

Last Thursday of the month: 8 - 9.45pm

Last Friday of the month: 2 - 3.45pm


Easles and drawing materials available with a tutor offering support if needed.

Our beginner friendly, sociable event at the back of the Horse and Groom offers a twist on your average life drawing class. 

Combining focused drawing with live music, local professional musicians are unrehearsed, improvising the music, creating an atmosphere of light hearted, focused experimentation for drawers and players alike.

We invite a different musician each month so please join our mailing list to keep up to date.


"The music seems to aid concentration and creates an almost meditative and relaxed state - inhibitions melt away and allow you to produce your best work. It not only serves as a backdrop to your practice but works as a partnership of creativity.

The rhythms and movement encourage a more abstract interpretation than classic life drawing poses which feels spontaneous and joyful."  Jill Davidson 

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