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Art Classes

What to Expect

Student centred learning for all abilities

"My approach to teaching art at all ages begins with assessing the personal interests and instincts of each person, allowing your preferences and experience to lead; acting as support to your creative journey." 

Artist and tutor Theresa Caruana


Water Colour by Jill

Our fully equipped studio has an extensive range of mediums, tools and reference books so that you can follow your nose.

You could choose to purely focus on improving your watercolour skills or try a new medium each session. You can go wild with multimedia abstractions inspired by the Surrealists or simply enjoy the tranquil peace of fiddling about with clay.

If you're unsure of what to choose or how to use it Theresa is on hand to offer demonstrations and potential solutions. Materials have unique qualities and the muscles in our hands learn.

Like all of the creative arts, the magic is in the doing. 


'Three Tailed Cat' by Reilly

'My Dad in the Fifties' By Janet


'Sport Shark' by Andrew

Whatever you want to do, whatever you need art practice for in your life, the studio is a place where you can follow your senses, become more in tune with your creative instincts and inevitably, develop technical skill and a healthy productive critical eye.

'Untitled' by Coco


Still Life by Ruth


Artwork by Ian

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